Sculpicture, what a passion!

Every creation, though I prefer to say "creature", is born out of a need, as a game, a challenge, by…chance. It is born and that’s all, without too much importance. I realize that any concept, word or thought, which obviously springs from the "creatures" and not vice versa, serves little good. It is almost useless. It would be better to be silent. But it seems that, conventionally, this is not kind, orthodox or polite. And perhaps it is not just a convention, because, it always seems, it is not good to be penned up excessively within ourselves, not even from oneself! That is almost a renunciation of life.
But the "creatures" are the exact opposite of a renunciation: they are substantially, every time, a birth. So let each welcome them (if he knows how to, if he can, and above all if he wants to) as best suits him, as he wants. If each sees and feels something or nothing in them, but even just encounters them, would already be a positive result. It would already be, I like to exaggerate a little, an exchange of freedom.