The Voice, the Hands

Augusto di Bono was born at Sarzana (La Spezia, Italy) on 26 October 1950 and spent his early childhood there. In 1960 he moved to Massa (MS) where he remained until he graduated from High School in '69, the year when he began his adventure in the "world of show business". He studied at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art of Milan’s Piccolo Teatro and began a career as a cabaret artist which accompanied him through the summers until ‘78. From ' 72 he was a professional actor with various troupes down to ’95, when he left the theatre and devoted himself only to radio, documentaries, advertising and dubbing movies, activities which he had already encountered in '78. For 30 years he lived in Milan until in '98 he moved to Switzerland, where he is still resident. It was in '98 that he discovered the material he uses for his works. This "clay", which solidifies when fired, has enabled him to develop his early passion for modelling plastiline, born over forty years before, cultivated sporadically through the years and nursed practically all his life. So since '98 he has combined the two occupations, of actor and "sculpainter", as he amuses himself by calling this form of creativity, which is neither painting nor sculpture but a curious combination of the two arts.